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Telemarketers Routes- Bulk Sms V/S Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Telemarketers Routes- Bulk Sms V/S Bulk Whatsapp Marketing
Since 2011,promotional messages or calls could be sent only to those who have opted for them & between 9 am and 9 pm. Mobile Phone users can opt for the "Do Not Disturb" facility to prevent telemarketers from contacting them. Violation of the rules would imply heavy penalties, including blacklisting of the sender for two years or more . OTT (Over-The-Top) services like Whatsapp and Facebook ride on telecom operators' network but aren't regulated like the telecom companies.
An executive of the Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India, the CDMA lobby group, said the user can still decide whether or not to receive such messages. "A mobile user chooses to get on Whatsapp. It isn't similar to the text message service that comes automatically with a mobile connection," this executive said. The executive indicated that unlike basic SMSes, the user has the option to get rid of unwanted messages by uninstalling Whatsapp or blocking the sender.
So, while the regulatory steps have helped curb unwanted marketing calls and SMSes, fast-developing technologies have opened up new opportunities to also bypass some of the rules, especially in the social media space. 
About Whatsapp:
Whatsapp Messenger is a Cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iphone, Blackberry,Android,Windows Phone, and Nokia Smartphone users to exchange text,image,video and audio messages for free. 
Whatsapp is hugely popular in India and is still expanding fast. In February,it had around 40 million active users in the country (India). It is free for the first year and after that the company charges $1 (.`59) a year.

Unregulated Social Media:
The rules that apply to unwanted marketing calls and SMSes don't apply on the messages sent on Whatsapp. In fact, the social media is largely unregulated, and some little-known telemarketers are using this regulatory vacuum to sell services that allow their customers to send hundreds and thousands of messages to Whatsapp users.
Bulk whatsapp marketing is a new concept in the market and most of the sectors are availing this service which includes Politicians, Saloon, Spa, Institutes, Colleges, and other B2C as well as B2B sectors.
North Delhi-based Global Ad Media Inc. ( is featured on a few online business-listing websites as a provider of bulk messages on Whatsapp.
A company representative said customers can opt for plans starting from 10,000 messages costing 30 paise each, plus taxes. There's a discount for larger orders. For instance, an order for a million messages to Whatsapp users costs 22 paise a piece, and the buyer has one full year to exhaust the inventory.
Bulk Whatsapp Messaging
We provides best and fastest delivery of Whatsapp messages. Bulk whatsapp marketing in Delhi,  Bulk whatsapp messages service provider in delhi
In todays world Bulk whatsapp messages is a unique, fast and effective medium to promote business and generate good sales leads.
Whatsapp messages can be send in the form of Text/Audio/Video/Image/Vcard
Global Ad media ( is the largest company in Bulk whatsapp marketing, Bulk whatsapp messages which provides the 100% delivery assurance and fastest delivery of the same.
Bulk Whatsapp marketing benefits:
1. Bulk whatsapp marketing is the only effective technique wherein you can your promotional messages in the form of text/video/audio/image and V card.
2. Through Bulk whatsapp messages advertiser can promote their business and generate good sales leads of all around the world and even country or city specific.
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